The Body of the Essay

The body of an essay is the biggest part of the whole paper. The purpose of the essay’s body is to completely develop the question discussed in the introduction. As a rule, it consist of paragraphs which describe different aspects of chosen topic. Every body paragraph will have the same standard structure. In every paragraph you must write a statement which explain the key point of your paper. You need to present supporting points and exciting samples. Also you must remember that the first paragraph of the body is a transitional paragraph, because you must make a flowing transition from one paragraph to another. You must explain how the idea of one paragraph relates in a logical way to the idea of the next. You also can demonstrate positive and negative sides of your work in this part. You can make some comparison of such sides. Every paragraph consists of such kinds of sentences:

  • opening sentences
  • supporting sentences
  • final sentences.

You must write all information in your essay without any inexactitudes, lexical and punctuation errors. Also you can use examples from your professional or private life. All data must be well thought-out. In this case you will avoid misunderstandings.

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