How to Write Conclusion of an Essay

In final part of your essay you must write a summary in which you need to demonstrate key facts and ideas presented in the body of your essay. This part must be a logical ending of your paper. You should not use any new material in this part. It consists of one paragraph. A start of your conclusion must include a sentence that shows a key subject that was argued in the body.

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The key aim of a conclusion is to connect all facts together in short manner and make an accent on the basic ideas. You must identify basic factors of chosen topic in this part. Very often person’s emotions can be the best way to sum up an essay. This will assist to attract reader’s attention.

The conclusion can make a great influence on the readers. It must be in your own words. You should avoid sayings and quotations. As a rule, the conclusion should include from 6 to 8 sentences long. Do not write a lot of data in your conclusion, because it will be a big mistake. It must be short and clear for your readers.

Of course, you can finish your essay with the help of a little bit of irony. Sometimes it is a good finish of an essay. You can include a call to action in your essay, but use it correctly.

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