How to Write a Reference List

Very often students start to think how to write a reference list in correct format. First of all, you must remember that a reference list should be written in alphabetical order. It is placed in the finish of your paper before the additions. You must write all details of each used source of information. All information must be correct and complete. Of course, students can use such sources of data as reference books, journals, scientific publications, library catalogs and others. All these sources must be presented in your reference list. You must write such elements in your reference list:

  • an author/authors or editor
  • a title of book(journal, encyclopedia, etc.)
  • date of publication
  • number of pages.

Presenting a reference from a web page can be more complicated because some web pages do not include all of these details. That is why you can describe as much details as you can find. It is very essential to demonstrate detailed information for every source you have used. Also you must be sure that all sources of information are included in your list of references. Be attentive! Avoid inexactitudes and mistakes! Because they also have a great impact on your mark.

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