How to Write a Powerful Critique Essay

The main aim of a critique essay is to evaluate a poem, book, work of creativity or movie. Writing a critique essay takes experience and training but most essential that this type of paper requires observation. A critique essay means evaluation, comparing and contrasting analyzing situations and different theories.

 How to Write a Powerful Critique Essay

This type of work does not mean to be overly critical, it rather presupposes to be able to ask questions and analyze different points of view.

How to Prepare for Writing A Critique Essay

Step 1 

One of the best ways to understand how to write a good critique essay is to read other critiques. Check out other works and you will find many interesting ideas that will help you to cope with your task.

Step 2

Take detailed notes while reading or examining the work. Describe the work and author in your first paragraph. You may underline useful phrases or highlight sentences that may be interesting for your reader, choose phrases that will catch your interest.

Step 3

Organize your notes in a logical manner. Give a basic structure of your paper: an introduction, main paragraphs discussing your theme and a conclusion.

Step 4

In the introductory paragraph you will have to identify the author and write the thesis statement that will be your overall point.

Step 5

In the three paragraphs of a critique essay you are obliged to develop the meat of your argument, you may use more paragraphs if necessary.

Step 6

Compose a closing paragraph where you may restate a thesis statement but not provide new data. Keep your summary brief and bring your critique essay to an elegant conclusion.

Step 7

Carefully revise and edit your work. Go through an essay several times or give your piece to someone who is strong in academic writing, this will help you to detect misprints, lexical or grammar mistakes.

Critique Essay

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