Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Can money buy you happiness? It is a very popular question in modern world. There are different points of view. Some persons think it is impossible, others have their own vision on this question. There are various terms about happiness. Happiness is thinking about all the things that make you happy. For another persons happiness is being financially independent. As you can understand every person has own notion of happiness.

Happiness does not have a primary connection with money. Sometimes people are happy with their independence and social life. In that situation it is not money, its your social life and freedom makes you happy. Happiness depends on various positive feelings and behaviors. For example, very often poor people are more happier than rich people, because they can value such feeling as love, which creates happiness. Their case does not make them happy and money could make it considerably better, but love is the main thing of their happiness.

Nowadays there is a very popular phrase: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it is more comfortable to cry in a BMW that on a bicycle”. From one side it is true. When you have money, you could buy a lot of things which can make your life easier and happier. Money is a simple need in life to pay for our standard everyday needs. Of course, many persons said that money does not buy happiness. Besides, with money you could buy a great number of things you wish that could make you happy. There are a lot of causes to be unhappy. For instance, hunger, no place to live, poor health and others. Money can assist resolve some of these difficulties. In this case we can say that money can buy happiness. This sample demonstrates it is possible.

Many people associate happiness and prosperity with the amount of money they have. But you will not buy the basic principles of life. Many people say that we can not buy friendship, joy, love and also happiness. Materialism is toxic for happiness. Happiness comes from inside. It does not depend on how much money you have in your bank account.

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